Brandy Agerbeck

Brandy Agerbeck Brandy Agerbeck believes that drawing is a powerful thinking tool. As a graphic facilitator, Brandy supports clients by mapping out their complex conversations onto giant sheets of paper. Transforming the discussion into a tangible drawing frees your best minds to focus, make more connections, generate new ideas and understand their work in new ways. Working as a visual, silent partner to facilitators, she collaborates on making meetings more productive with the best visual, spatial and kinesthetic tools.Brandy speaks to the power of drawing as an author, teacher and speaker. From her 16 years of graphic facilitation experience, she published The Graphic Facilitator’s Guide: how to use your listening, thinkingand drawing skills to make meaning. In her TEDx talk, she illustrates how to ShapeYour Thinking as an individual and how we can blend the best of LIBraries and LABoratories, creating LIBLABs.  Learn more at

Ryan Coleman

Ryan Coleman Ryan is an Innovation Catalyst for the Bank of Montreal.  He has spent the better part of the last 15 years working with organizations to define, design and develop strategies or solutions to fit their organization’s challenges and then implement them. I’ve worked with organizations from small sole-proprietorships up to some of the largest organizations within Canada, across a broad range of industries.He has worked as a facilitator to create and run customized meetings or events that help you create strategic plans, uncover challenges and collectively co-create innovative solutions.His favorite question is “what if?” In an innovation context he constructively challenges assumptions, proposes ideas and helps guide you through a process to uncover the true innovations or solutions within your businessThroughout all of his facilitation, he is a visual thinker and communicator – he naturally lean towards communication through visual means. He’s fascinated with the design of solutions to problems and the processes that help people get to those solutions.

Tom Crawford

Tom Crawford is the Owner, Principal, and head cook of VizNetwork, providing education and hands-on experiences for leaders who need to solve problems and communicate more effectively.  Before starting the current business, he was CEO of VizThink, an organization dedicated to the creation of a sustainable, global community of people who use any form of the visual arts for learning and communication.With an extensive background in technology, 2007 was Tom’s 20th year as a professional programmer. However, in 2000, his career began to diverge from enterprise systems design and implementation into corporate education, simulation, and gaming. He spent 6 years at Root Learning starting the e-Learning team. Root’s strong use of art and metaphor introduced him to the power of visualization for learning and communication. He has developed extensive theories on interactivity, engagement, and visualization. In the past several years, Tom has run workshops on learning, simulations, visualization, and communication all over the world for thousands of people.  VizNetwork is also responsible for such popular iPhone/iPad apps as VizChef and OnStage Now!He is a well-respected and often requested speaker for organizations of all shapes and sizes.After the event, if you’re looking for a good deal on your favorite drink, check out his latest app, Happy Hour Deals for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

Bryan Dean

Bryan Dean Head Shot Bryan Dean has been working with hard to reach students with emotional impairments, conduct disorder, behavioral difficulties, and low interest for 11 years. He has been developing dynamic learning environments that have helped promote intrinsic motivation and learner empowerment through the partnership of Flow Theory, Universal Design for Learning, and educational technology. He consults throughout the state working with districts to realize the power of technology and growing the movement of the “Guerrilla Teaching” philosophy. Currently, Bryan works as a Learning Specialist and UDL consultant for Farmington Public Schools and Oakland Schools.Bryan has a Master’s in Educational Leadership from Eastern Michigan University, a Master’s in Teaching and Learning with an emphasis on Instructional Design Theory and Educational Technology from Madonna University, and is finishing his Doctorate in Online Curriculum Development from Capella University. For more info, you can check out his website.

Karl Gude

Karl Gude is the former Director of Information Graphics at Newsweek magazine and The Associated Press. After 10 years at Newsweek, Karl went on to spearhead the first information-graphics program at Michigan State University’s School of Journalism. As MSU professor* and graphics editor-in-residence, Karl teaches courses in information graphics, visual communication, the creative process, and social-media marketing and advertising to hundreds of students each semester.During his more than a quarter century in news, Karl has created or directed infographics on every topic imaginable. Notable topics include seven presidential elections, a slew of wars, natural disasters, and terrorist attacks (he headed the Newsweek graphics team covering the bombing of the World Trade Center). He also has illustrated — explained — every major business, lifestyle, and sports story as well as every major technical, medical, and scientific discovery that happened on his watch.Karl is a visual storyteller, artist, and designer whose gift is making the complex clear through visualization. Of course he’s also a journalist, yet the aim of his infographics lens extends well beyond the news industry. Corporations and government agencies, including the CIA, regularly engage his consulting services to help them to create understandable graphics.The huge professional network of this visual storyteller includes global audiences. Karl speaks on visualization from Bogotá to Bangkok. In Switzerland, for example, scientists at CERN (the European Organization for Nuclear Research) invited him to work with students to create a planetarium show explaining the Large Hadron Collider. And so far his 2013 calendar contains in-person training for companies in Singapore and Kuala Lumpur.Karl’s insights are in high demand closer to home as well. For example, Karl has presented at three TEDx talks, including Detroit. For PR Newswire, he recently completed a webinar, and he’ll present at its national conference in San Francisco. He was also a panelist on “the Power of Visual Storytelling” at the 2012 SXSW technology conference in Austin, Texas.In his spare time(!), Karl contributes to Advertising Age magazine, The Huffington Post and The New York Times.

Jessica Hagy

Jessica Hagy Headshot
Jessica Hagy is an illustrator currently working in the Pacific Northwest. Her blog, Indexed, was named on of Time Magazine’s best blogs of 2008 and was a Webby Award winning site in 2010.
Her work has been featured on the BBC Magazine Online, in Business Week, WIRED, Good Magazine,,, The New York Times, Redbook, Golf Digest, and
Her illustrations have been published in book form by Workman Publishing, Random House(Europe), Penguin Books, Chronicle Books, and O’Reilly Publishing.
When not working, Jessica wanders strange cities without the help of GPS.

Ann Hernandez

Ann Hernandez head shot Ann has a BA in Elementary Education from Knox College (IL), with two minors in Music Performance and Theatre performance. She taught second grade for five years before joining the education staff at AAHOM in 2007, managing distance learning and summer camp programs. She was appointed director of programs in 2012. Hernandez has presented at a number of conferences regarding best practices in education and videoconferencing. Ann received the prestigious Diversity Fellow Award on two occasions from the Association of Science and Technology Centers. In 2011, she co-planned and led a teacher professional development workshop with a NASA educator and is now certified to borrow lunar rocks from NASA. For this MSGC grant, Hernandez will provide managerial oversight.  Ann is currently the Director of Programs for the Ann Arbor Hands-On Museum

Jamie Nast

Jamie Nast Jamie Nast is the author of Idea Mapping: How to Access Your Hidden Brain Power, Learn Faster, Remember More, and Achieve Success in Business (John Wiley & Sons), and the co-founder of NastGroup, Inc. For nearly 20 years Jamie has specialized in mind mapping and mind potential optimization, and to date has trained over 19,000 professionals around the globe. She is committed to guiding individuals and organizations towards overcoming barriers to achieving success including those which reside in one’s own mind. Some of her clients include: Abu Dhabi Oil Co., Boeing, BP, Ford, CPPIB, Franklin Templeton, GM, IIBA, L.L. Bean, Mayo Clinic, NIH, PMI, US Army, University of Warsaw in Poland, etc.

Matt Pierce

Matt Pierce Matt Pierce is manager of Customer Engagement department at TechSmith. He is also the host of the Forge, TechSmith’s monthly web show promoting visual communication and screencasting. Matt has experience in instructional design, visual design, public speaking, and advocacy of good design principles.Matt has worked in various training settings, including teaching hands-on computer courses at Indiana University and developing instructional content for multiple companies. Matt has a Master of Science in Instructional Systems Technology from Indiana University, and considers himself an instructional design geek.

Chad Simon

Chad Simon Chad is a conceptual artist at Root.  He translates clients’ critical business issues through illustration into metaphoric pictures.  In his 14 years at Root, Chad has created blended learning solutions for a variety of clients across a wide range of industries including Bank of America, Bayer CropScience, Choice Hotels, Dow Chemical, FirstEnergy, IBM, Lowe’s, Procter & Gamble, and Masco. Chad’s experience at Root is broad. He spent eight years as a member of the design team, doing voice-overs for eLearning modules, and real-time sketching during client engagements.  He co-created a custom module on safety that was used 1,000 feet underground in South African mines by a diverse group of workers who spoke several languages.He holds a BA in studio art from the University of Toledo, and has worked as a teacher/counselor at a computer camp for children, teaching storytelling, 3-D animation, and video editing.

Charles Stout

Chas Stout head shot Charlie has a BA in Chemistry and Anthropology and an MA in Anthropology from Western Michigan University and a PHD in Anthropology from the University of Illinois. He was an archaeological researcher for 14 years at the University of Illinois, most of that period as a museum curator. Stout has illustrated several books and designed and programmed numerous visual educational media. Charlie was appointed director of exhibits in 2012. He has presented at a number of conferences regarding museum practices, technology, space utilization and business and published an early article on technological advances in digital museum imaging in Curator.  Charlie is currently the Director of Exhibits at the Ann Arbor Hands-On Museum

Jameson Toole

Jameson Toole Jameson Toole is a PhD Student in the Engineering Systems Division at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. While pursuing degrees in Physics, Economics, and Mathematics from the University of Michigan he developed a strong passion for the interdisciplinary study of Complex Systems. He is the recipient of a National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship to pursue work which leverages Big Data collected from millions of mobile phones to understand the social and mobility patterns of individuals. Jameson hopes these patterns may provide insights into fundamental human behaviors and help solve problems related to urbanization.