This year, we tried something we’ve never done before.  Okay, that’s not so unusual. We’re always trying new things.  However, this time, we asked our friends at The Forge (a TechSmith production) to record their upcoming video blog from the event.  Where else could we find a bunch of amazing visualization experts all in one place?  So, we decided to do two segments…a panel and an interview.  The panel was given the topic “Paper vs. Online”.  Coming squarely down in Paper was Brandy Agerbeck, Karl Gude held strongly to Online, and Jamie Nast took the middle ground.  The whole thing was expertly moderated by Matt Pierce, host of The Forge.  That was then followed up by an interview with Ryan Coleman on visual brainstorming.

If you missed the event or want to see it again.  Here are those two segments on The Forge:

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