The official 2013 Visual Thinking & Literacy conference schedule has just been released, so you can begin to make the difficult decisions of which sessions you want to attend. If you haven’t registered yet, there are just 5 days left to register online, so register soon!

Every event, we get asked…”Why do you make the choices so hard?”.  Well, we take that as a compliment.  That means we’ve done our job to select amazing facilitators with topics that are of interest to the audience.  Yes, the decisions will be hard.  If you bring your friends or make new ones at the event, maybe you divide and conquer and teach each other after the event.

The always wonderful Jamie Nast, who is also a facilitator this year, used her expert skills to once again create a idea/mind map of the conference schedule. So, not only can you learn how to do this at the event, you can use the technique to explore the event schedule:

Viz Literacy 2013 Breakouts


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