Here are a sampling of quotes from attendees of the 2012 Visual Thinking & Literacy Conference on what the attendees learned:

“How to Idea Map, good rules for creating visualizations”
“Power of PowerPoint that I didn’t know existed”
“Structures to aid the thinking and creative process”
“Mind mapping, synthesizing, information design, and video”
“Creativity is a powerful process that can be sparked with the use of inexpensive materials”
“Visual maps can be really helpful”
“Some new techniques for visually/concretely coming to consensus. Process for generating info graphics”

And a sampling what they would like to see next year:

“Make it two days”
“Add sketch notes”
“Add more ways to bridge between business and education”
“Help me get to see everything”
“More time to talk with keynote speakers”
“More… More… More…”
“Advertise more”
“Bigger, longer”
“What about a day like this for younger people? junior high or high school?”
“Expand number of breakout sessions”
“Make all breakouts available so we can see what we missed”
“More promotion”
“You should maybe have something for the kids too”
“KidViz parallel conference”

We take your learning and feedback very seriously. We’ve already started planning for next year, taking your comments into account, and making this better than ever! Be sure to watch this blog for details.

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