There’s only two days between now and the start of the Visual Literacy Conference.  Can you believe it came up this fast?? Last minute details are falling into place as you read this.

The facilitators are ready. If you’ve never been to a visual thinking & literacy event, this is likely to be the most hands on, interactive event you’ve ever attended. Not only will you hear about the various techniques, with many, you’ll be able to experience and try them for yourself. We’re buried in markers and post its and index cards and paper and all kinds of visual thinking tools getting them ready to go for Saturday. Who knows, we may even do some visual thinking at the pre-conference happy hour at The Moose Preserve! Stranger things have happened. This one time, in Berlin… well ask Ryan or Tom about that.  We have a great sampling of visual literacy and visual thinking topics including: Mind Mapping, Presentations, Information Graphics, Mobile Design, Visual Facilitation, Visual Note Taking, Metaphors, Learning, and Video.

You will come away inspired and ready to take a few new techniques back to your home, school or office and immediately improve your thinking and communication skills.

There’s still time, but don’t delay!

Register Now!

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