So, we already have an amazing line-up…presentations, information graphics, mind mapping, and on and on.  How can we top that off? With one of the leading graphic facilitators in the world, Brandy Agerbeck. What is a graphic facilitator you ask? They are people who combine both drawing and facilitation skills to not only document a meeting, but also help people make sense of the meeting content, and sometimes even provide direction for the meeting.  Typically on wall sized pieces of paper and markers, the graphic facilitator captures the content which provides opportunities for discussion, clarification, and decision making.  It is an incredibly powerful tool, and Brandy will be teaching us how to do it.

Even more exciting, just two days ago, Brandy released her brand new book on the topic called The Graphic Facilitator’s Guide, and we’ll be some of the first people in the world to get our hands on it!

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