When thinking about the leading visual thinkers, one of the first people to come up is Ryan Coleman. Ryan was a founding member of VizThink, started VizThink Toronto, and has been instrumental in spreading the visual thinking message around the world.  Over the years, we’ve got to know Ryan and work with him at a variety of events around the globe.  He’s a skilled facilitator with a catalog of activities and visual thinking games that are nearly unparalleled.

Ryan is the Innovation Catalyst for the Bank of Montreal.  (Is that a great title, or what??) He has spent the better part of the last 15 years working with organizations to define, design and develop strategies or solutions to fit their organization’s challenges and then implement them. I’ve worked with organizations from small sole-proprietorships up to some of the largest organizations within Canada, across a broad range of industries.  He has worked as a facilitator to create and run customized meetings or events that help you create strategic plans, uncover challenges and collectively co-create innovative solutions.

His favorite question is “what if?” In an innovation context he constructively challenges assumptions, proposes ideas and helps guide you through a process to uncover the true innovations or solutions within your business. Throughout all of his facilitation, he is a visual thinker and communicator – he naturally lean towards communication through visual means. He’s fascinated with the design of solutions to problems and the processes that help people get to those solutions.

We’re so excited to have our colleague and friend Ryan involved with this event.

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